For over 13 years, I have been helping businesses in various vertical markets operate efficiently. In 2007, I helped my husband open Goldstein Media, a digital marketing agency. While I’ve tried to carve out my own place in the business world, I continue to work behind the scenes for Goldstein Media in a flexible operations role, expanding and contracting as my capacity allows.

Recently, I served as the Business Operations Manager at JLFranklin Wealth Planning, a registered investment advisor. During my tenure, I helped the company streamline the remote client onboarding process and improve many processes and workflows.

Prior to that, I spent more than a decade at Bullpen Boys, a ticket agency with numerous tickets to all major sports and events across the US and Canada. When I first started at Bullpen Boys as an Inventory Manager, the inventory was managed in hundreds of Excel spreadsheets. After quickly being promoted to Business Operations Manager, I had the opportunity to completely reshape the business by improving processes, reporting, and profitability.

Thus far, my career has centered around small businesses. The “she-who-wears-many-hats” nature of small business has afforded me the opportunity to touch and manage many aspects of each organization. These experiences, plus a dash of introspection and self-evaluation, has helped me to identify where I truly shine. I really excel at process and procedure improvement and development. I enjoy putting together parts of the puzzle and perfecting each part so that all parts of the business work in harmony together.

I recently received my ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt certificate. I look forward to bringing that additional expertise to my next endeavor.

I am a graduate of George Washington University, where I majored in Business Administration. I currently live in Doylestown, PA with my husband and son. When I’m not keeping busy with work and family, you can find me soaking up sunshine on a long walk, reading a great novel, or laughing at a comedy club. 

Meredith Goldstein Working At A Computer